FPPad Tech Tour: LPL Financial CIO Victor Fetter

This is the season premiere of FPPad Tech Tour!

Note: Treat this video as you would treat a TV show. FPPad Tech Tour is committed to telling the stories of people who are working hard to support financial advisors. These stories can’t be told in a two-minute video. So fire up your Apple TV, Chromecast, or your smart TV, kick off your shoes, and enjoy this up-close-and-personal video series.

Our first stop on FPPad Tech Tour is in Charlotte, North Carolina, where we met up with Victor Fetter, CIO of LPL Financial to learn about what attracted him to manage LPL’s technology solutions for the nation’s largest independent broker dealer.

(Watch FPPad Tech Tour Season 1 Episode 1 with Victor Fetter on YouTube)

CHAPTER MARKERS: 0:16 FPPad Tech Tour Intro
1:10 How did your career bring you to LPL Financial LLC?
2:55 How do you accommodate and respond to the needs of a diverse group of financial advisors?
4:55 Victor speaks about candid conversations with financial advisors
6:29 What’s your typical day like? How much do you interact with financial advisors?
7:53 Victor talks about connections with LPL Financial advisors beyond the business setting
8:43 One secret not many people know about you
11:14 How do you feel about automated investment services, aka robo advisors?
12:38 What are you telling advisors to do about automated investment services?
13:09 Where do you get your best information on where the industry is headed?
14:40 We take a drive to Fort Mill, South Carolina to view the construction site of the new LPL Financial facility
15:45 What investments are you and LPL Financial making for the future of financial advisors?

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