FPPad Tech Tour: Portfolio Pathway VP Anthony Valente

Our second stop in Charlotte, North Carolina is with Anthony Valente, Vice President of Business Development for Portfolio Pathway.

We picked up a hot dog and a soda before sitting down to talk about how Anthony first connected with Portfolio Pathway and why he works hard to support financial advisors.

(Watch FPPad Tech Tour Season 1 Episode 2 with Anthony ValenteĀ on YouTube)

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0:14 FPPad Tech Tour Intro
1:07 Anthony’s connection with Portfolio Pathway
2:03 How has Portfolio Pathway stayed competitive?
3:00 Why do you work on technology that supports financial advisors?
3:51 What’s your typical day like when working with advisors?
5:36 How accessible are you for advisors?
6:33 How to you maintain balance in your day-to-day life?
8:36 Why the baseball glove?
8:57 Support for the Foundation for Financial Planning

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