FPPad Tech Tour: Michael Kitces

As we make our way up the east cost, we could not turn down the opportunity to meet with Michael Kitces, a prolific contributor to the financial planning industry. We met at his home to talk about what drives him to create so many educational and business resources for financial advisors.

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0:10 FPPad Tech Tour Intro
1:05 Tell me about your passion for supporting and educating financial advisors
3:46 Why have you created so many businesses to help advisors?
6:20 What’s a typical day like at Nerd HQ?
8:00 The official Kitces blue-shirt uniform back story
11:48 On the way to the airport talking about balancing business demands
13:04 What’s part of your future in this industry?
15:40 Why do you create SO MUCH content?
17:47 Your support for the Foundation for Financial Planning


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