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+ Epic Road Trip = FPPad Tech Tour 2015

FPPad Tech Tour is like nothing you've seen before. Part epic road trip, part industry commentary, part fundraiser, FPPad Tech Tour highlights the top influential people and companies in financial services technology.




About FPPad Tech Tour

fppad-mugFPPad Tech Tour 2015 is a three-week, seven-city road trip to highlight innovative people and companies working to increase access to financial planning services.

FPPad Tech Tour 2015 exists to connect financial advisors with the people and companies building technology solutions that increase access to financial planning services.

Advisors deserve an avenue to witness the passion, the drive, and the enthusiasm of key industry innovators who are committed to promoting the value and benefits of financial planning.


Hosted by

Bill Winterberg & Steve Biermann

Tour Dates

  • Monday July 13: Charlotte, NC

  • Wednesday July 15: Raleigh, NC

  • Thursday July 16: Richmond, VA

  • Friday July 17: Washington DC

  • Tuesday July 21: Philadelphia, PA

  • Wednesday July 22: NYC

  • Sunday July 26: Philadelphia, PA

  • Monday July 27: Baltimore, MD

  • Tuesday July 28: Roanoke, VA

  • Wednesday July 29: Asheville, NC

  • Friday July 31: Atlanta, GA



"Bill Winterberg ... is rapidly becoming a personality in the financial planning space."

− Bob Veres,

"Bill is the Walt Mossberg of technology for financial advisers."

− Scott Bell, CEO, GDP Wealth

"...Social media heavyweights like Bill Winterberg..."

− Amy McIlwain, Vice President, Social and Digital Strategy, Moore Communications Group

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